Modeling of fluidised-bed reactors; generalisation of the Werther model

(1992) Modeling of fluidised-bed reactors; generalisation of the Werther model. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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The recent Werther model for fluidized-bed reactors is generalized and expanded in this study. First, the model is generalized to account for possible mass transfer resistance in the bubble-side. The model is also generalized to include reactions that involve a change in the number of moles. The model has been further generalized to complex reaction networks. It has been applied to several complex reaction networks that cover a wide range of industrially important reactions. The generalized solutions for the simple and complex reactons were compared to some available experimental and industrial data in the literature, and good agreements were found. Finally, the Werther model was compared to the Kunii-Levenspiel model in the cases of simple and complex reactions. Our solution to a complex reaction network was compared to a published comparison of Kunii-Levenspiel and other models, on the basis of industrial reactor data. The predictions of the different models are in general similar with the Werther model being the best to predict the low feed break-through.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Subjects: Chemical Engineering
Department: College of Chemicals and Materials > Chemical Engineering
Committee Advisor: Shaikh, Abdullah A.
Committee Members: Al-Saleh, Muhammad A. and Abdel-Aal, Hussein K.
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