Kinetic study of ethylene oxidation using silver catalyst in a Berty reactor

(1985) Kinetic study of ethylene oxidation using silver catalyst in a Berty reactor. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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The reaction of ethylene oxidation was studied on a silver catalyst supported on alumina in a Berty reactor (CSTCR). Rate expressions were fitted to the data free of any physical resistances. Reaction products were ethylene oxide, carbon dioxide, and water. The rate expressions are as follows: 1)Rate of conversion of ethylene to ethylene oxide: r1 = (1.354x10³)exp(-9010/T)(P₀₂)⁰⁵(PC2H4)⁰⁶ 1+(2.88x10⁻²)exp(2400/T)PC02) 2) Rate of conversion of ethylene to carbon dioxide: r2= (6.30x10³) exp(-10800/T)P₀₂)⁰⁵(PC2H4)⁰⁵ 1+(1.57x10⁻²)exp(1530/T)(PC02) The reaction rates were measured using a feed containing ethylene (3-6.5%), oxygen (18-19.5%), and the balance catalyst showed that the hydrogenation activity enhances by 20-25 times due to sulfiding. All apparent activation energies were found to be in the range of 17-21 kcal/gmol.

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