MIXING IN PIPELINES WITH SIDE-TEES. The 6th Saudi Engineering Conference, KFUPM, Dhahran, December 2002.


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Numerical and experimental investigations of mixing in pipelines with side-tees are carried out to determine the quality of mixing in such pipelines. Temperature is measured experimentally to quantify the degree of mixedness. Numerically, the temperature field is calculated and then compared with experimental results to validate the models. The computational fluid dynamics (CFD) package FLUENT is used to solve the governing equations, namely the equations of continuity, motion and energy. Numerical results showed good agreement with experimental results. The mesh size is selected do that the numerical solution is independent of mesh size. Turbulence is modelled using the standard k- ε model and the more involved Reynolds stress model. The pipe length required for achieving 95% mixing is found to be a function of the ratio of the velocities of the side and main streams.

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