Modes of nonlinear optical fibers

(1993) Modes of nonlinear optical fibers. PhD thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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The research work presented in this thesis solves the nonlinear wave equation for electromagnetic fields and finds the guided modes in the nonlinear optical fiber. The nonlinear materials in optoelectronics are characterized by dielectric constants which are functions of the light intensity. The dispersion characteristics of the nonlinear fiber are accordingly functions of the light intensity. The solution of the problem has been carried out using a multilayer numerical approach in which the nonlinear wave equation is piecewise linearized by dividing the fiber into a large number of layers. In each layer the local field is determined and used to evaluate the dielectric constant of that layer. The dispersion relations, field profiles and dielectric constant distributions have been evaluated for different types of polarization including TE, TM and hybrid modes. Two waveguide structures have been considered for which either the core or cladding material is taken to be nonlinear while the other is linear. The nonlinear fiber results have been checked against the linear ones in the limiting cases of very low and very high power. Another numerical scheme based on a self-consistent solution of electromagnetic field, has also been used to confirm the results obtained using the multilayer scheme. The stability of the nonlinear guided modes has been discussed based on the resultant dispersion relations. The recursive scheme has also been used to study the metal-clad optical fiber consisting of two, three or four layers. The attenuation characteristics of these fiber structures have been found. These results are relevant in the design of mode filters and fiber polarizers.

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