Analysis of fluid flow and heat transfer around and inside a liquid sphere

(1996) Analysis of fluid flow and heat transfer around and inside a liquid sphere. PhD thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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The problem fluid flow and transient heat transfer around and inside a liquid sphere is investigated using an implicit finite difference scheme. The investigation is based on the boundary layer theory. The governing equations are uncoupled at the interface between the gas-phase and the liquid-phase by specifying the boundary conditions. Hence, two computer codes were developed to solve the flow-field as well as temperature profiles in both phases. Results obtained from the gas-phase solution such as the surface velocity and the transient surface temperature are used as input data to the second program to solve the flow-field and temperature distribution inside the sphere. Results are presented for the velocity components and transient temperature profiles in the gas-phase boundary-layer outside the liquid sphere and in the liquid-phase up to the center of the sphere. Engineering parameters such as the wall shear stress, vorticity, drag coefficient, friction coefficient and Nusselt number are calculated and presented. Comparisons with results found in the literature are carried out to validate of the present analysis.

Item Type: Thesis (PhD)
Subjects: Mechanical
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Committee Advisor: Al-Farayedhi, Abdulghani A.
Committee Members: Al-Harbi, Dulaihan K. and El-Shaarawi, Maged A. I. and Ahmed, Saad A.
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