Factors affecting mercury capillary pressure measurements

(1991) Factors affecting mercury capillary pressure measurements. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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The factors that influence the mercury capillary pressure data of Berea sandstone and carbonate rocks were investigated. These factors include sample size epoxy coating and equilibrium time as studied by Wardlaw et al. Katz and Thompson's method was applied to estimate the liquid permeability from capillary pressure data and a comparison was carried out with Swanson's correlation method. Finally, the experimetnal data was presented using the J-function put forth by Leverett. The Experimental results show that capillary pressure curves are insensitive to the sample size of sandstone samples regardless of equilibrium time and epoxy coating. Studies on the coated carbonate rock samples show that forming of the injection capillary pressure curves depend on the sample size. As the sample size increased, the injection curves moved to a lower saturation and the displacement pressure decreased. Estimation of permeability using the two methods showed that while Swanson's correlation approach gave a standard deviation error of 72%, the Katz and Thompson's percolation theory gave a standard deviation error of 45%. In an attempt to obtain a better correlation, pore throat sorting (PTS) was used as a parameter in the extended J-function for sandstone rocks, and critical length (1 ) was considered in the correlation function for carbonate samples that have a permeability range from 20 md to 800 md.

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