Realtime Rate Allocation for multilaterals wells equipped with downhole valves and a PDHMS

(2011) Realtime Rate Allocation for multilaterals wells equipped with downhole valves and a PDHMS. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.

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Arabic Abstract

تلاسرلا تصلاخ بلاطلا نسا : كرابه لآ يسح ذوحه ذيعس تسارذلا ىاىٌع : شايق زاهج و ثاووصب ةدوسولاو ثاعرفتلا ةدذعته رابلاا يه جاتًلال يظحللا ريذقتلا ةرارحلا و طغضلل صصختلا : لورتبلا تسذٌه ةداهشلا خيرات : رياٌي 2011 م ٍياكًهن تيظحهنا ةسادلاا يف معافنا تيكزنا لىقحنا ايجىهُكحسوذب لوشخبنا تعاُص جًهس ذقن . واذخخسا ىعد ذقف تقد و ةءافك ثار تعيشس ثاساشق ىنا لىصىهن ثايىهعي و ثاوداب ساشقنا اىبحاص تبساًُنا ايجىنىُكخنا . لىخذن معج اي ازه و جاخَلاا و بيقُخنا ىناع يف شيبكنا شثلاا ٍي ايجىنىُكخنا ِزه . ساعشخسلاا ةضهجاو ىكحخنا ثاياًص ،ايجىنىُكخنا ِزه ٍيب ٍيو عوشفنا ةدذعخي سابا ٍي جاخَلاا ذصس و تبقاشي و ىكحخهن وذخخسح يخنا تيفىجنا . ىيذقح مجا ٍي تيَاذيي ثاَايب ىهع تقثىي و ةذًخعي تيجهُي وذقح تساسذنا ِزه ةدذعخي سابلاا ٍي جاخَلان يظحن شيذقح ىصب ةدوضًناو ثاعشفخنا ا ثاي ثاحخفنا ةدذعخي طايق صاهج و ذحىي ساشحنا و ظغضهن ة . ذخًح ذق سابلاا ِزه ثاعشفح ٌاب اًهع تفهخخي ٍياكي وا ثاقبط ىنا

English Abstract

Student Name: Saeed Mohammed Hassan Al Mubarak Title of Study: Real-time Rate Allocation for Multilateral Wells Equipped with Downhole Valves and a PDHMS Major Field: Petroleum Engineering Date of Degree: January 2011 The petroleum industry has recognized that intelligent field technologies have made it possible to manage hydrocarbon assets in real-time. Fit-for-purpose technologies provide more efficient, accurate, and timely information to the decision maker. The infusion of these intelligent field technologies into hydrocarbon upstream industries has significantly impacted the Exploration and Production business environment. Among these technologies are downhole valves and downhole sensors that have been utilized to control and monitor the production from multilaterals or multisegment wells. The study shall provide a methodology that is based on field data to allocate continuous production rates for individual-laterals that are equipped with downhole multipositional valves in multilateral wells equipped with a single permanent pressure and temperature gauge. These multilateral wells may have branches that are extended to different layers or reservoirs.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Subjects: Petroleum > Reservoir Engineering and Management
Department: College of Petroleum Engineering and Geosciences > Petroleum Engineering
Committee Advisor: AlYousef, hassan
Committee Members: AlMaroun, Mohammed and Abukhamseen, Sidqi and alyousef, Hasan
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Date Deposited: 06 Feb 2011 10:56
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