EPR study of vanadyl complexes with Schiff bases derived from S-Methyl-Carbodithioato-Hydrazine

(1992) EPR study of vanadyl complexes with Schiff bases derived from S-Methyl-Carbodithioato-Hydrazine. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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An EPR line width study at 9 GHz was focussed on oxovanadium (IV) systems in the motional narrowing region. The anisotropy of rotation (N) and the correlation time (t ) were determined. The first system is bis (S-methyl-3isopropylidenehydrazinecarbodithioato) oxovan-adium (IV) in toluene. The second system is S-methyl-N-5-methoxysalicylidenehydrazinecarb-odithioatophenanthrolineoxovanadium(IV) in methylene chloride. The magnetic parameters of these two systems were determined. N obtained for the first system (2.5 = 0.5 at an axis Z=Y) was found to be consistent with the stokes-einstein model and the Allowed-Values Equation (AVE) for a monomer in solution with a trans structure. N obtained for the second system (1.7 = 0.5 at an axis Z = Y) was found to be consistent with the Stokes-Einstein model and the AVE. From the molecular relaxation in liquids analysis, it seems that the solute in the second system is experiencing more stickiness behavior that that in the first system. The magnetic parameters of S-methyl-N-salicylidenehydrazin-ecarbodithioatophenanthrolineoxovanadium (IV) in toluene were also determined.

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