Evaluation of empirically derived PVT properties for oil field brines

(1996) Evaluation of empirically derived PVT properties for oil field brines. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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It is important to determine the chemical and physical properties of formation water in order to explore the reservior charateristics completely. A comprehensive knowledge of the properties of oilfield brines is needed for various petroleum engineering operations like water flooding and production. For this reason many correlations are available in literature which offer a handy and acceptable approximation of water properties. However, these are mostly based on experimental analysis of pure and aline water and PVT field data about oilfield waters is scarce. Therefore, this study not only evaluates the significant correlations for predicting these physical properties of oilfield waters. These new correlations are based on a total of 422 data points collected from published sources. Statistical comparison between them shows that the newly developed correlation of this study outperforms all the existing correlations.

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