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A Wave Dispersion Model for Health Monitoring of Plates with Piezoelectric Coupling in Aerospace Applications. In: 4TH Middle East Conference for NonDestructive Testing.

(2000) Flow Control for an Airfoil with Leading-Edge Rotation: An Experimental Study. Journal of Aircraft, 37 (4). pp. 617-622.

AE Experimental and Computational Methods. Discussion Paper. AE Department. (Unpublished)

Aerodynamics. Discussion Paper. AE Department. (Unpublished)

Aerodynamics Lab. Documentation. AE Department. (Unpublished)

Aerospace Engineering Department_Introduction. Documentation. AE Department. (Unpublished)

AEROSPACE SYSTEMS MAINTENANCE. Discussion Paper. AE Department. (Unpublished)

Fundamentals of Helicopter. Discussion Paper. AE Department. (Unpublished)

AEROSPACE AVIONICS. Discussion Paper. AE Department. (Unpublished)

Aero-thermodynamics of Jet Propulsion. Discussion Paper. AE Department. (Unpublished)

AIRCRAFT AVIONIC SYSTEMS. Discussion Paper. AE Department. (Unpublished)

AIRCRAFT SYSTEM MAINTENANCE. Discussion Paper. AE Department. (Unpublished)

AVIATION SAFETY. Discussion Paper. AE Department. (Unpublished)

WIND TUNNEL LABORATORY. Documentation. AE Department. (Unpublished)

AIRCRAFT NAVIGATION SYSTEMS. Discussion Paper. AE Department. (Unpublished)

Aircraft Structural Analysis. Discussion Paper. AE Department. (Unpublished)

AVIATION SAFETY AND SECURITY. Discussion Paper. AE Department. (Unpublished)

Aerodynamic-Shape Optimization of Supersonic-Missiles Using Monte-Carlo. International Review of Aerospace Engineering (I.RE.AS.E).

ELECTRONIC WARFARE. Discussion Paper. AE Department. (Unpublished)

Water Rocket Construction. Manual. AE Department. (Unpublished)

Computer Shortcuts and Special Characters. (Unpublished)

Satellite Engineering. Discussion Paper. AE Department. (Unpublished)

Sagr Al-Gazeera Submarine 1. AE Department. (Unpublished)

Sagr Al-Gazeera Rocket. AE Department. (Unpublished)

Sagr Al-Gazeera Airplane 3. AE Department. (Unpublished)

Flight Stability and control. Discussion Paper. AE Department. (Unpublished)

«الطيران والفضاء » يشارك في مهرجان الغضا ويعرض طائرة صقر الجزيرة 4. جريدة جامعة الملك فهد للبترول والمعادن.

تأثير كبير للبسملة على تركيبة الماء. جريدة الوطن.

(2008) Experimental and Numerical Investigation of 65-deg Delta and 65/40-deg Double-Delta Wings. AIAA Journal of Aircraft, 45 (1). pp. 71-76.

(2007) An Analysis Method for Inertial Particle Separator. AIAA Journal of Aircraft, 44 (4). pp. 1150-1158.

Optimization of Maintenance Intervals for Aircraft Systems and Components. In: The Opportunity and Challenges Facing the Gulf Aviation Industry, 11/07/2007, Dharan, KSA.

KFUPM new purchasing requisitions manual. RAED Business system. (Unpublished)

خلق افعال العباد للبخاري. بخاري. (Unpublished)

روايات حديث الجارية. درر. (Unpublished)

known erors in Datcom+. holycows inc. (Unpublished)

Reliability Analysis of Aircraft Air Conditioning Packs. In: 3. Aircraft Engineering Symposium, December 2004, Jeddah.

(2006) Failure Distribution Modeling for Planned Replacement of Aircraft Auxiliary Power Unit Oil Pumps. Maintenance Journal, 19 (1). pp. 60-69.

(2004) Failure Data Analysis for Aircraft Maintenance Planning. In: 3. Aircraft Engineering Symposium, December 2004, Jeddah.

(2007) FAILURE RATE ANALYSIS OF BOEING 737 BRAKES EMPLOYING NEURAL NETWORK. International Journal of Reliability, Quality and Safety Engineering. (Submitted)

NEURAL NETWORK MODEL FOR PLANNED REPLACEMENT OF BOEING 737 BRAKES. International Journal of Modeling and simulation. (Submitted)

(2006) Failure-Rate Prediction for De Havilland Dash-8 Tires Employing Neural-Network Technique. AIAA Journal of Aircraft, 43 (2). pp. 537-543.

(2007) Failure Forecasting of Aircraft Air-Conditioning/Cooling Pack with Field Data. AIAA Journal of Aircraft, 44 (3). pp. 996-1002.

(2006) Neural network-based failure rate prediction for De Havilland Dash-8 tires. Engineering applications of Artificial Intelligence, 19. pp. 681-691.

(2007) Failure Rate Analysis of Boeing 737 Brakes Employing Neural Network. In: 7th AIAA Aviation Technology, Integration and Operations Conference (ATIO), 18 - 20 September 2007, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

(2008) ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORK APPLICATION OF MODELLING FAILURE RATE FOR BOEING 737 TIRES. In: Applied Simulation and Modeling Conference 2008, 23-25 June, 2008., Corfu, Greece. (Submitted)

Al-Garni, A. Z., Saeed, F., Al-Garni, A. M., “Experimental and Numerical Investigation of 65-deg Delta and 65/40-deg Double-Delta Wings,” AIAA Journal of Aircraft, Vol. 45, No. 1, Jan.-Feb. 2008, pp. 71-76. AIAA Journal.

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