Investigation of leachate from a sanitary landfill in Saudi Arabia

(1989) Investigation of leachate from a sanitary landfill in Saudi Arabia. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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A municipal landfill in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia was selected to evaluate the effects of landfill leachate on the underlying groundwater. This landfill represents a typical Saudi Arabian landfill; without liner or leachate collection system. Furthermore, this landfill was located over the Umm Er Radumah (UER) aquifer (66-73 feet beneath the landfill), a principal aquifer in the Eastern Province. The shallow aquifer immediately beneath the landfill at approximately 31 feet seems to be contaminated by leachate. The analyses of leachate and shallow groundwater samples showed elevated concentrations of organic matter, coliforms, and some heavy metals. The hydrogeological investigation revealed that the UER aquifer is protected by three clay layers. Therefore, the UER aquifer is protected from contamination present in the shallow aquifer. Several remedial actions to mitigate the impact of the contaminated shallow groundwater were evaluated. Among these, the slurry trench cut-off, the suction lift, and the grout curtain methods were evaluated in detail for this study. The slurry trench cut-off method with extended groundwater collection wells was finally recommended. This method is technically the most applicable and feasible. This study also recommended that the collected contaminated groundwater should be diluted and treated in an existing municipal wastewater treatment plant. The detailed evaluation reveals that the capacity of the plant is more than adequate for satisfactorily treating this groundwater.

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