Study of various repair methods for reinforced concrete flexural members.

(1988) Study of various repair methods for reinforced concrete flexural members. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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One of the major problems of reinforced concrete structures is cracking due to so many reasons, which helps in creating additional problems such as reinforcement corrosion. Reinforced concrete structures, in Saudi Arabia and Gulf region, have shown signs of deterioration due to the harsh environment, poor quality of aggregate, poor construction practice and the change of function of the structure or faulty design and detailing as a result of the rapid construction in the last few years. A comparison between repair methods for reinforced concrete members is the aim of this research. Three different repair methods, ferrocement, epoxy resin injection, and steel plate bonding, were studied in the laboratory. A combined method of epoxy and ferrocement methods was also studied. In this research, 30 beams were tested in flexure by applying two points load up to different deflections. Then, these beams were repaired and re-tested up to failure in the same way as the original ones. During the test, load, deflection, and crack width were recorded. The comparison of the results obtained from the different methods of repair showed that ferrocement and steel plate bonding gave higher increase in the ultimate load than other methods, while their ductility was low. In the case of epoxy repair method, there was no increase in the ultimate load, but the ductility was the highest among the above three methods. The combined methods showed increase in the ultimate load as well as the ductility.

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