Strengthening of damaged reinforced concrete beams by external fiber glass plates.

(1992) Strengthening of damaged reinforced concrete beams by external fiber glass plates. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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The main theme of this thesis has focused on the use of external fiber glass plates to strengthen damaged flexure and shear beams. The work was divided into four parts, with the first part dealing with the selection of the fiber glass material for the proposed repair out of two recommended composites by the local manufacturer to provide the highest strength and ductility. The second part of the thesis addressed the study of the effect of thermal cycling on the bond strength between the fiber glass plates and the epoxy glue. The third part, studied the performance of repairing flexure reinforced concrete beams after damaging them to a lovel loading corresponding to 10 mm central deflection. The level of damage was decided upon after testing two control beams to failure. These beams were then repaired using external fiber glass plates of different thicknesses. The fourth part of the studyh evaluated the performance of R.C. shear beams strengthened with external web reinforcement of the fiber glass. Two control beams were tested upon failure. It was decided then to damage the beams upto the appearance of the first shear crack in the shear span. Three repair techniques were tried in the form of side plates (wings), strips and a newly suggested technique in the form of U-jacket. A criterion to evaluate the plate thickness to be used for repair any beam in reality was presented based on the ultimate flexural capacity of the section as well as the maximum interface shear and normal stresses at the plate ends.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Subjects: Civil Engineering
Department: College of Design and Built Environment > Civil and Environmental Engineering
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Committee Members: Baluch, Mohammad H. and Al-Sulaimani, Ghazi Jameel and Basunbul, I. A.
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