Code generation for dHAD on Vax

(1989) Code generation for dHAD on Vax. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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Arabic Abstract


English Abstract

The increasing use of Arabic in computers has led to the development of Arabic programming languages. DHAD is an Arabic programming language which falls into the class of structured languages such as Pascal. Porting the DHAD compiler to popular computers (such as the VAX family of computers) is needed to make the language available for Arabic software development, research, and education. The main objective of this research is to rewrite the code generator module of the DHAD compiler for the VAX computers. The final code generator is the module of the compiler that produces assembly language code from the intermediate file taken as input. The work included a study of the final code generator developed for a Z-80 based computer. The same algorithm for code generation was used with some modifications. Code generated for the operations on the various data structures (byte, word, integer, real, logical, string, records, arrays, pointers and files) supported by DHAD has been produced in VAX assembly language. Code for operations, branching, I/O operations, stndard and user-defined function and procedure call, definition and parameter preparation, has also been implemented in VAX assembly language. Run-time support library routines were used for standard functions and procedures. In addition, some minor modifications of the other modules (lexical and syntax analyzers) of the compiler were imposed by the transportation of DHAD tio the VAX. The final code generator was implemented using Pascal on the VAX computer. The size of the executable code of the code generation module was about 40 K bytes.

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