Integral methods for transpired boundary layer flow.

(1988) Integral methods for transpired boundary layer flow. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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An approximate composite one and two-parameter integral method is developed in this study for steady, two-dimensional, plane and thin axisymmetric laminar boundary layer flow with transpiration. The method operates with one-parameter for strong to moderate pressure gradient and suction, and with two-parameter for mild to adverse pressure gradient and blowing. The approach features the use of supplementary boundary layer approximations for distributions in viscous stress and velocity and the solution of the integral momentum equation and, in the two parameter mode, the integral mechanical energy equation. The method is tested for similar and nonsimilar flow with and without trnspiration. The method works from separation to strong favorable pressure gradient and strong suction. The accuracy of the approach is generally within 2%. The method provides a practical, reliable and efficient approach to solving transpired laminar boundary layer flow.

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