A Comoputer-assisted analysis for thermodynamic processes and cycles

(1979) A Comoputer-assisted analysis for thermodynamic processes and cycles. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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The computer-assisted technique for analyzing numerical problems has been made available recently in several engineering disciplines. This thesis describes the development of a generalized computer program aimed to assist in the analyses and syntheses of problems in engineering thermodynamics. The computer program developed is intended to solve ideal gas related problems in closed systems, as well as those in steady-state steady flow processes. In addition, the program can handle both intensive and extensive properties as given by the user. One of the main features of the program is that the output contains a step procedure used in the computational routines. In other words, besides a numerical output, the algebraic equations that have been used in the computation are given in a sequential order. This enables those who desire to know how the results are obtained. The programming language used in this program is FORTRAN IV. The program is written in an interactive mode to be used in conjunction with the terminals connected to the IBM 370/158 computer installed at the University of Petroleum and Minerals. In order to facilitate the use of the program, a manual which includes a number of illustrative examples has been compiled. Users must prepare to answer each question prompted on the terminal by entering proper codes along with data provided by the problem statements. Answering all questions and imputing data correspondingly will direct the computer program to run through its logical routines until it arrives at a final group of expressions. From these, useful information can be obtained.

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