Development a DSP-32C based electrocardiograph machine using microcomputers

(1992) Development a DSP-32C based electrocardiograph machine using microcomputers. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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In this thesis, the idea of integrating personal computers (PC's) and digital signal processing boards (DS)) to acquire and analyze the electrocardiographic (ECG) signals is achieved. The main part of the thesis is concerned with acquiring data from the ECG leads. A hardware design which consists of the signal interfacing and conditioning is developed and implemented. Moreover, the hardware design is integrated with a software package that uses both high and low levellanguages for the acquisition and analysis of the signal. This is performed by using a digital signal processing board called DSP-32C, A study about the heart as a physiological organ is performed too. Moreover, a survey of some methods analyzing the ECG signal and extracting its features is done. An investigation of applying these methods to our study is performed in order to get the values of QRS, PT, QT waves and the heart rate. In addition, a complete study of how the digital signal processing (DSP) board DSP-32C and its main CPU DSP32C chip is performed. Integrated with Assembly language of the DSP-32C board, C-language is used as the main programming language on this board in order to acquire and analyze the ECG signals.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Subjects: Electrical
Department: College of Engineering and Physics > Electrical Engineering
Committee Advisor: El-Hennawey, M. S.
Committee Members: Al-Ali, Abdul Rahman K. and Penbeci, Suleyman S. and Al-Khadra, A.
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