A Study on the performance of delta modulation systems

(1980) A Study on the performance of delta modulation systems. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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The basic principles of linear and compounded delta modulation systems are presented. Also described are continuously variable slope delta modulators, built as integrated circuits by Motorola and Harris Semiconductors. Design techniques for linear systems and for the continuously variable slope delta modulator systems are included as well. Test results for the three systems (discrete element linear, Motorola integrated circuits, and Harris integrated circuit) are presented. Three different operating conditions are considered, i.e., idling, normal operating, and slope overloading. Methods to theoretically predict the transfer function characteristics for each system are also described. Possibilities of changing the performance of the systems are also considered in terms of various control parameters. These parameters are the sampling rate, the loop gain, the syllabic filter time constant, and the shift register length.

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