Dynamic modeling and analysis of axially moving beam with prismatic and revolute joints

(1995) Dynamic modeling and analysis of axially moving beam with prismatic and revolute joints. PhD thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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A finite element dynamic model of a rotating flexible link sliding in a prismatic joint is formulated. The formulation is extended to include the most general case where the prismatic joint hub is executing general planar motion. In contrast the previously reported formulations, the developed model adopts a finite element mesh with a fixed number of elements, where the element length is constant. The time-dependent boundary conditions manifested by the prismatic joint constraints are considered. A transition element with variable stiffness is introduced at the interface with the joint hub. In this finite element formulation all the intertia coupling terms between the beam reference motions and the local elastic deformations are considered. In addition, the model accounts for the dynamics of the end mass as well as the associated coupling effects. Numerical simulations and comparisons with results obtained by other methods are presented to demonstrate the validity and the accuracy of the developed model.

Item Type: Thesis (PhD)
Subjects: Mechanical
Department: College of Engineering and Physics > Mechanical Engineering
Committee Advisor: Khulief, Yehia A.
Committee Members: El-Gebeily, Mohammed A. and Kar, Abdul Kerim and Guntur, Rao R. and AL-Musallam, A. K.
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