Optimal shunt compensators at nonlinear busbars

(1992) Optimal shunt compensators at nonlinear busbars. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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A model for determining an optimal shunt capacitor value at nonsinusoidal busbars to meet three bsic criteria - maximizing the power factor, minimizing the line losses, and maximizing the transmission efficiency is developed. The choice of the capacitor value is constrained by the values that may cause resonance. This model employs the Golden Section Search algorithm as a solution procedure. It also made use of the penalty function to combine all the three criteria in one objective function to provide a single solution meeting all the three criteria. The advantage of this method over other conventional approaches is that, it guarantees convergence to the optimal solution. The solution approach is further extended to include nonlinear loads operating under nonsinusoidsal conditions. The model for the nonlinear load is a two variable problem in L(inductor) and C(capacitor). The direct Search Polytope algorithm for multivariable function is used as the solution procedure. The solution of this model yields an optimal shunt LC compensator for the nonlinear load. However, since there are limitations on the practical values of shunt capacitor, a discretising approach making use of standard shunt capacitor values is employed to guarantee a solution that can be implemented practically.

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