Causes of contractors' failures in Saudi Arabia

(1993) Causes of contractors' failures in Saudi Arabia. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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This thesis discusses the main causes of failure in the Construction industry in Saudi Arabia. A survey of 68 contractors from the entire Kingdom was undertaken. These contractors were classified by the Ministry of Housing and Public Works from grade one to four. The distribution of these contractors are as follows: 7 from grade one, 12 from grade two, 27 from group two, and 22 from group three. The survey included 34 different causes of failure and their degree of importance. The severity factors of these causes were measured by their level of importance and were ranked according to the severity index for group one together, group two, and group three, and a combination of all respondents. A computer statistical package (SAS) was used to analyze the data. A hypothesis that "grade one and two (group one), grade three (group two), and grade four (group three) generally agree on the ranking of severity indices" was tested and shown to hold true. It was concluded that lack of experience in the line of the work, neglect, poor estimation practices, bad decisions in regulating company's policy, and national slupm in the economy are the most sever factors. Also, it was noted that grade three contractors give the most response, followed by grade four and then grade one and two. This reflects the true awareness of causes of failures among contractors.

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