A framework for a reliable and fault-tolerant network management architecture

(2006) A framework for a reliable and fault-tolerant network management architecture. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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In this work, our objective is to design and implement a three-tier Fault-Tolerant Network Management System (FTNMS). High-Availability (HA) technology is used to develop this system, where two Manager-of-Managers (MoM) are implemented at the highest level in an active-passive mode. In the middle level however, Mid-Level Managers (MLMs) are used to manage different areas of the network and relieve the MoM from dealing with individual nodes and hence enhancing the scalability of the whole Network Management Systems (NMSs). MLMs are configured to work in pairs where each pair contains two MLMs working in an active-active mode. The MoMs and MLMs have the capability of backing up each other in the case of a failure. The proposed framework provides reliability, availability, centralized control and scalability at an affordable cost. The design uses off-the-shelf components to make it simple and robust. Without any changes to the existing management protocols and management applications, the framework can be integrated with existing network management systems to improve their reliability. Besides, the system allows easy extension of both centralized and hierarchical systems to fault-tolerant NMSs. The system is evaluated in terms of failover time, increase in traffic, reliability and availability. The results show that the overall reliability of a centralized NMS with reliability of RNMS can be improved by a factor of 1 - RNMS. Moreover, the system is shown to be able to manage events even during failover time. The thesis includes some test cases to demonstrate these results.

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