Computerized conceptual-cost-estimating system for domestic water supply projets

(1993) Computerized conceptual-cost-estimating system for domestic water supply projets. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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Larger funds are expended on domestic water supply projects; however, lack of appropriate conceptual cost estimating techniques causes difficulties such as project delays and cost overruns. This thesis presents a structured and systematic procedure for the implementation of a Computerized Conceptual Cost Engineering System (CCES) for Domestic Water Supply Projects. CCES has been designed to produce cost estimates at the conceptual stage when only a little information is available about the project. The research began with the identification of the factors influencing the cost of pipeline, reservoir, and pumping statin projects. Next, historical cost data of commissioned projects were gathered from tender documents and subsequent regression analysis was carried out. The regression analysis was computer-based which facilitated a "what-if" analysis during the model creation course and helped examine the adequacy of the cost factors. Moreover, the adequacies of the cost models were checked and found to comply with the standards of the American Society of Cost Engineers. Finally, the cost models were integrated into a user-friendly application software. This thesis demonstrated that a well thought-out integration among the science of cost estimation, statistical analysis, and compute technology enhances the practices of cost estimating. Although the research focused on the Sultanate of Oman as a case study, the methodology set forth is relevant to the construction and water industries in general, particularly in the Arabian Gulf countries.

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