Computer utilization by construction contractors in Saudi Arabia

(1994) Computer utilization by construction contractors in Saudi Arabia. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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The accelerating pace of the information technology and the growth size and power of both computer systems and software make the use of computers in many industries essential. This study investigates the use of computers by large, medium, and small sized contractors in Saudi Arabia. The main objectives of this study is to investigate the type and the extent of computer use among contractors, to reveal the areas and functions of contractors that are computerized, and to investigate the factors that are responsible for the observed extent of use. The results show that only 55 percent of all contractors are using computers, mainly microcomputers, in their firms. However, it was found that as the size of the firms get bigger, the percent of users increases. All large size contractors, sixty two percent of medium sized contractors, and only 41 percent of small sized contractors are using computers in their business operations. The results show that accounting process is widely computerized among those who use computers. The creation of databases is the second function that computers are used for in construction firms. Contractors use computers widely for word processing. The results indicate that lack of computer experience and difficulty in selecting the appropriate computer systems are heavily ranked as factors hindering the use of computer technology by construction contractors, especially small and medium sized contractors.

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