Performance study of the lowest bidder bid awarding system in government projects - Saudi Arabia

(1988) Performance study of the lowest bidder bid awarding system in government projects - Saudi Arabia. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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The main objectives of this research are to study the various bid awarding systems available in general, and in Saudi Arabia in particular and to evaluate public building construction projects in Saudi Arabia which have been awarded to the lowest bidder through the final questionnaire form that has been distributed for this purpose. The questionnaire consists mainly of three major parts. The first part is an identification of the project name, dates and costs. The second part identifies the performance of the contractor and owner's impression. The third part identifies the criteria used to award the project. According to the third part of the questionnaire, eight groups were formed according to the awarding criteria, which were the contractor being the lowest bidder as in Government practice, the contractor being prequalified, the contractor's offer being nearest to estimated cost, the contractor's offer being the most competent, the owner having good experience with the contractor, and the contractor being classified by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing. Each group was compared with the group projects awarded to the lowest bidder as is government practice. All data was statistically analyzed by the statistical analysis system package (SAS). It was found that the projects awarded to the lowest bidder only had in general a lower performance evaluation than that of the other groups of projects that have been awarded with a specified qualification. Finally, a set of recommendations is given and topics for further studies are suggested to improve the lowest bidder bid-awarding system.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Subjects: Architectural
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