Analysis of the ionized field around multi-phase power transmission lines

(1994) Analysis of the ionized field around multi-phase power transmission lines. PhD thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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This thesis is concerned with the corona phenomenon on single- and multi-phase AC power transmission lines. Corona is a partial breakdown that occurs when the conductor surface field exceeds the breakdown strength of the air. The discharge results in production of positive and negative space charges which are constrained to the near vicinity of the conductor because of the periodic reversal of the electric field. The objective of this thesis is to calculate the corona power loss associated with high voltage AC power transmission lines. The charge simulation technique is used to analyze the ionized field in corona problems. The locations of the simulation charges represent singularity points for which two approaches were proposed to calculate the potential and field there. Calculations at singularity points were checked by solving the corona problem in parallel plates, coaxial cylinders, monopolar line with single conductor, monopolar line with bundle-2 conductor, and homopolar line arrangements. The calculation of corona power loss on AC transmission lines includes single-and three-phase lines as well as the future six-phase lines. The onset voltages have been calculated for the first time in corona loss calculations based on the physics of gas discharge and by using empirical formulate for the onset electric field. The emission of ions is assumed to take place when the magnitude of the charge simulating the conductor and the ionization zone charges exceeds an onset value based on a pre-defined onset field value for both positive and negative half cycles. The ground-level electric field has been investigated to help in studying the environment impact of AC lines. The results obtained in this thesis agreed satisfactorily with those reported earlier.

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