Removal of iron and manganese with ozone.

(1987) Removal of iron and manganese with ozone. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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The main objective of this study was to develop kinetic expressions for the oxidation of iron(II) and mangnese (II) with ozone, and also to determine the effect of organic complexation on the rate of oxidation of iron(II) and manganese (II). The removal of iron and manganese is important in drinking water supply as many problems are associated with presence of these metals in concentrations greater than 0.3mg/L and 0.05 mg/l, respectively. The results of the study have shown that all the experiments conducted for the pure water system followed a zero-order reaction with respect to iron(II). The final rate expression is: X = ( 1 - [Fe(II) ] / [ Fe(II) ]? ) = k' t Some of the reactions for the organic complexation system followed the above expression, but the rest of them followed this general kinetic expression: d[Fe(II) ] / dt = -k [Fe(II)]n It has been found out that iron (II) does not remain in solution at pH values above 7. However, complte amount of Mn(II) is found to remain in solution up to pH of 9.

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