Modelling of blood flow in a time-varying shape passage

(2005) Modelling of blood flow in a time-varying shape passage. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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In the present work, the time-dependent flow in an axisymmetric tube with a moving indentation was numerically simulated using the dynamic mesh model. The model was first validated for a two-dimensional channel with a moving identation. The results showed very good agreement with the available experimental and numerical results. The model was then used to simulate the water and blood flow in an exisymmetric tube with an indentation moving at different frequencies. Water was simulated at two different indentation frequencies i. e. fw=0.1Hz and fw=1Hz. Blood was simulated considering the identification frequency of fw=1Hz, which is close to the heart beat frequency assuming blood as a Newtonian fluid with steady and pulsatile inlets. Later, the non-Newtonian properties of blood were considered. The non-Newtonian properties of blood were characterized using non-Newtonian power law, Carreau model and the Carreau-Yasuda model. In the case of water flow, for wall frequency of 0.1 Hz a single eddy was observed, where as for a higher frequency of 1 Hz eddy doubling was observed with the reverse flow dominating the downstream of indentation. In the case of steady Newtonian blood flow no recirculation zone was observed upstream of the indentation while the recirculation zone was observed for the pulsatile blood flow case. In addition, eddy doubling was also observed in this case. For the non-Newtonian models, no recirculation zone was observed upstream of the indentation. The three non-Newtonian models exhibited the similar behavior. Higher wall shear stresses and pressure drops were obtained for the blood flow when compared with the water flow.

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