Submersible Craft for Water Purification

Al-Garni, A. Z., Saeed, F., and Al-Asaly, A. (2007) Submersible Craft for Water Purification. 7168387.

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Disclosed is a new idea for a submarine craft and its applications. The most significant feature of the submarine craft is its annular shaped hull through which water can easily pass through with or without the aid of a pump. The internal profile of the annular passage resembles to that of a convergent-divergent duct to help speed up the flow in the duct. The usefulness of the peculiar idea of the submarine craft allows it to operate as a surface skimmer as well as a submerged craft to allow purification of both surface and underwater contaminations. Its principle of operation is based either on a main wing providing the neutral buoyancy (e.g. the lifting force) or small positive buoyancy that can be adjusted with the addition/removal of small weights or the use of pressurized tanks for positive/negative buoyancy, an elevator for longitudinal and depth control, a rudder for directional control and a propeller or a ribbon-drive based propulsion system. The ribbon-drive propulsion system, if used, can also act as an effective pump to help increase the water flow rate through the annular shaped hull. Moreover, the ribbon-drive propulsion system can be attached to a swivel unit for longitudinal and directional control with/without the traditional use of rudders and elevators. The operation of the ribbon-drive based propulsion system can either be remotely controlled or programmed for the desired operation, e.g. a desired sweep of a body of water in length, breadth and depth. The novel idea of the submarine craft can be effectively utilized, for example, for purification or filtration of contaminated water in pools, ponds, fresh-water lakes, seas, and water reservoirs, among other uses. For example, use of a series of filters within the annular shaped hull can help remove contaminants from the water. Appropriate filters associated with different contaminants, for example, filters constituting of hydrophobic membrane can be used to filter sun tan or bathing oils, or filters constituting of granular activated carbon (GAC) can be used to filter methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE), etc. The filtration rate can be increased by the use of a screw-propeller type pump within the annular shaped hull to pump the water through a series of filters. Moreover, filters of varying degrees can be used to make the filtration process more efficient. In addition to water purification or filtration, the submarine craft can also be used for remote water quality or environment monitoring or observation through the installation of lighting, camera, guidance and monitoring devices in the fore part of the hull. Another application for the submarine can be related to underwater environment study or search and surveillance. The submarine craft can be configured for any one or a combination of the above or related applications. In addition to the above, underwater environmental studies and quality monitoring are some of the more recent concerns related to a pollution-free environment. The submarine craft idea is based on use of batteries and electric motors which in itself provides a pollution-free operation of the craft

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