A Novel Defect Identification Scheme in Ultrasonic Non Destructive Evaluation

(1997) A Novel Defect Identification Scheme in Ultrasonic Non Destructive Evaluation. Ultrasonics, 35 (3). pp. 251-259.

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A new defect identification scheme in ultrasonic nondestructive testing (NDT) is presented in this paper. With a proper modeling of the pulse echo, the input-output signals of the defect model are mapped into a complex plane to yield a trajectory described by the defect describing function (DDF). For signals that are arbitrarily small after a short time; as is the case for ultrasonic echoes; the obtained curve is closed and thus, Fourier descriptors are computed and used to formulate invariant descriptors of the DDF. These descriptors are then incorporated in a time-signal that is taken in this paper as the defect signature. Experimental results show that the features computed from this signature are remarkably similar for the same defect inside different structure. The results also indicate the superiority of the proposed defect signature over its counterpart impulse response obtained from conventional deconvolution techniques.

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