Asynchronous MMC based Parallel SA Schemes for Multiobjective Standard Cell Placement

(2006) Asynchronous MMC based Parallel SA Schemes for Multiobjective Standard Cell Placement. In: Proceedings of 2006 International Symposium in Circuits and Systems, pages 4615-4618, (ISCAS 2006), Island of Kos, Greece.


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Abstract- Simulated Annealing (SA) is a popular iterative heuristic used to solve a wide variety of combinatorial optimization problems. However, depending on the size of the problem,it may have large run-time requirements. One practical approach to speed up its execution is to parallelize it. In this paper we develop parallel SA schemes based on the Asynchronous Multiple-Markov Chain model (AMMC) described in [1] and applied to standard-cell placement in [2]. The schemes are applied to solve the multi-objective standard cell placement problem using an inexpensive cluster-of-workstations environment. This problem requires the optimization of conflicting objectives (interconnect wire-length, power dissipation, and timing performance), and Fuzzy logic is used to integrate the costs of these objectives Asynchronous Multiple-Markov Chain Parallel SA (or AMMC [3], [4]. Experiments are performed on ISCAS-85/89 benchmark circuits. Our goal is to develop parallel SA schemes that provide significantly improved runtime/solution quality characteristics for this key CAD problem, by making the best possible use of an a cluster-of-workstatons environment [2]. inexpensive parallel environment.

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