Finite Element Modeling of Magnetostrictive Smart Structures

(2004) Finite Element Modeling of Magnetostrictive Smart Structures. The Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 29 (1C). pp. 125-138.

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Constitutive equations of magnetostrictive smart materials containing mechanical and magnetic fields are presented via Hamilton’s principle. Finite element method is used to model the dynamic behavior of these smart materials. A smart beam structure consisting of a magnetostrictive (CoFe2O4) layer on its top surface is considered as a case study to illustrate the use of magnetostrictive equations. The location of the magnetostrictive layer is varied along the beam and the vertical displacement and magnetic responses are computed when the system is subjected to step as well as sinusoidal loads at the tip. It is found from the case study that the magnetostrictive sensor is most effective when it is placed at the fixed end of the beam.

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