"Performance of Turbo Codes with Matrix Interleavers"

(2003) "Performance of Turbo Codes with Matrix Interleavers". Journal for Science and Engineering (AJSE), 28 (2B). pp. 211-220.

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Recently, turbo codes have attracted many researchers because of the codes astonishing performance at low BER. The interleaver is an important part in the design of a turbo code. Most of the work done on turbo codes assumes random interleaving. In this paper, we study the performance of turbo codes with matrix interleaving. Various issues related to the code performance are investigated. These include the design of the relative dimensions of the matrix interleaver, the effect of the interleaver length, the interaction between the interleaver and the number of decoding iterations, and the effect of interchanging the interleaver. Simulation results show that matrix interleavers can be very competitive to random interleavers for short frame lengths.

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