Method of radio resource management for integrated voice and data CDMA networks

Nortel Networks Limited (2007) Method of radio resource management for integrated voice and data CDMA networks. 7,193,992.

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Method and system for managing radio resources to support voice and data traffic. The method uses adaptive resource partitioning between voice and data as the basis for improving call access control. A cost function is used to determine partitioning based on an operator's desired call blocking rates for both incoming voice and data traffic. Other examples of the cost function can be constructed using other quality of service measures for the carried services. In the dynamic burst allocation area, three methods are provided that make use of adaptive burst allocation, scheduled bursts and power borrowing between users as enhancements to the conventional methods used for integrated wide-band CDMA networks. The methods disclosed may be used in isolation as an enhancement to the current CDMA networks, or in combination to provide a combined improvement in network performance. The first scheme for adaptive burst allocation equalizes the rate of information transmitted by different data users. The second scheme varies adaptively the burst rate pool size as network interference varies. The third scheme links between the quality of service requirements and burst rate.

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