Design of two step deterministic interleaver for turbo codes

(2007) Design of two step deterministic interleaver for turbo codes. Science Direct,Computers & Electrical Engineering.

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The performance and design of a deterministic interleaver for short frame turbo codes is considered in this paper. The main characteristic of this class of deterministic interleaver is that their algebraic design selects the best permutation generator such that the points in smaller subsets of the interleaved output are uniformly spread over the entire range of the information data frame. It is observed that the interleaver designed in this manner improves the minimum distance of first few spectral lines of minimum distance spectrum. Finally we introduce a circular shift in the permutation function to reduce the correlation between the parity bits corresponding to the original and interleaved data frames to improve the decoding capability of MAP decoder. The design is focused on combining good permutations with de-correlation property. Our solution to design a deterministic interleaver outperforms the semi-random interleavers and the deterministic interleavers reported in the literature.

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