” Reliable Maps of Lightning Thunderstorms for Saudi Arabia"

(2005) ” Reliable Maps of Lightning Thunderstorms for Saudi Arabia". IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery.

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The main objective of this research is to develop reliable maps of isokeraunic level (thunderdays/year, TD) for the country on annual and seasonal bases. New annual thunder day maps for Saudi Arabia are presented. The results in this paper are based on data and records of thunderstorm incidences in Saudi Arabia recorded by the Presidency of Metrology and Environment. These are compared with data from power system fault records and with NASA satellite data. These new maps indicate the location, frequency, and intensity of thunderstorms. Such information is useful for engineers concerned with the design and operation of transmission and distribution lines in the country, and for the more general design of lightning protection systems. Thunderstorms are most frequent in the southwest mountains in the country, reaching a maximum TD of 97; the average TD for the whole country is 26.

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