Design and analysis of efficient and secure elliptic curve cryptoprocessors.

(2006) Design and analysis of efficient and secure elliptic curve cryptoprocessors. PhD thesis, Advisor: Dr. Alaaeldin A. Amin, Co-Advisor: Prof. Sadiq Sait Mohammed and Dr. Mohammad H. Al-Suwaiyel. KFUPM.


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Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems have attracted many researchers and have been included in many standards such as IEEE, ANSI, NIST, SEC and WTLS. The ability to use smaller keys and computationally more efficient algorithms compared with earlier public key cryptosystems such as RSA and ElGamal are two main reasons why elliptic curve cryptosystems are becoming more popular. They are considered to be particularly suitable for implementation on smart cards or mobile devices. Power Analysis Attacks on such devices are considered serious threat due to the physical characteristics of these devices and their use in potentially hostile environments. This dissertation investigates elliptic curve cryptoprocessor architectures for curves defined over GF(2m) fields. In this dissertation, new architectures that are suitable for efficient computation of scalar multiplications with resistance against power analysis attacks are proposed and their performance evaluated. This is achieved by exploiting parallelism and randomized processing techniques. Parallelism and randomization are controlled at different levels to provide more efficiency and security. Furthermore, the proposed architectures are flexible enough to allow designers tailor performance and hardware requirements according to their performance and cost objectives. The proposed architectures have been modeled using VHDL and implemented on FPGA platform.

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