High Performance Elliptic Curve GF(2m) Crypto-processor

(2006) High Performance Elliptic Curve GF(2m) Crypto-processor. Information Technology Journal (ITJ), 5 (4). pp. 742-748. ISSN 1812-5638

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This study presents a high performance elliptic curve cryptoprocessor architecture over GF(2m). The proposed architecture exploits parallelism at the projective coordinate level to perform parallel field multiplications. Comparisons between the Projective, Jacobian and Lopez-Dahab coordinate systems using sequential and parallel designs are presented. Results show that parallel designs gives better area-time complexity (AT2) than sequential designs by 44-252% which leads to a wide range of design tradeoffs. The results also show that the Projective coordinate system gives the best AT2 in parallel designs with the least number of multiplications levels when using 4 multipliers.

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