Analysis of monopolar ionized field as influenced by ion diffusion

(1993) Analysis of monopolar ionized field as influenced by ion diffusion. Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting, 1993., Conference Record of the 1993 IEEE, 1.


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The authors present an analysis of the monopolar ionized field in conductor-to-plane configurations without resort to Deutsch's assumption. An iterative finite-element technique is used to solve Poisson's equation. Satisfying the current continuity condition and updating the space-charge density are based on the application of Kirchoff's current-balance law at each node of the finite-element grid, taking the ion diffusion into account. The proposed method of solution has been applied to laboratory and full-scale models of a monopolar transmission line. The calculated V-I characteristics and the current-density and electric field profiles at the ground plane agreed well with those measured experimentally in comparison with previous calculations. Fast convergence and simplicity in programming characterize the proposed method

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