Comments on "Current mode simulation of lossless floating inductance"

(1999) Comments on "Current mode simulation of lossless floating inductance". International Journal of Electronics, 86. pp. 321-322.

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This comment relates to a recently published paper (Al-Walaie and Alturaigi 1997) which presents a simple circuit for a lossless Floating inductor. The circuit uses three plus-type second-generation current conveyors (CCII+ ), two resistors and one capacitor. It is shown here that this circuit cannot realize a Floating inductance. The proposed circuit of Al-Walaie and Alturaigi (1997) is shown in ® gure 1(a). It is obvious that the return current to terminal 2 is zero. Thus, Zi t i /ii does not represent the input impedance between terminals 1 and 2; the circuit does not simulate a Floating inductance. To simulate a Floating inductance the return current to terminal 2 must be equal to ii. This can be achieved if the CCII-3 is replaced by a dual-output CCII with the z-output terminal connected to the y-input terminal of CCII-2 as shown in ® gure 1(b).

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