ANALYSIS AND SYNTHESIS OF RESET CONTROL SYSTEMS WITH TIME DELAYS. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.

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Arabic Abstract

تدرس هذه الاطروحة أساليب إعادة ضبط نظرية التحكم للنظم الديناميكية في وجود تأخير زمني .ومن المعروف ان أساليب ضبط نظرية التحكم في تصميم الحاكمات تؤثر على أداء واتزانيه نظم التحكم. وتم اقتراح عدة طرق لتحليل وتصميم النظم الديناميكية مع إعادة ضبط نظرية التحكم في مواجهة تغيرات المعاملات. وقد أفردت الدراسة لوسائل متنوعة لتصميم الحاكمات مع ضمان اتزانيه نظم تحكم العروة المغلقة في زمن محدود وصغير نسبيا. ثم انتقلت الدراسة الى معالجة اتزانيه نظم التحكم الخطية في وجود تأخير زمني حيث قامت باستنباط شروط الاتزان في صورة مجموعة من المصفوفات الخطية وتعتبر هذه الشروط أفضل من الشروط المتوفرة في الأبحا المنشورة. واختتمت الدراسة باستخدام بعض الدوال الرياضية لتعميم نتائج اتزانيه نظم تحكم العروة المغلقة مع إعادة ضبط المحكمات لزيادة مرونة التصميم وقد استخدام اساليب المحاكاة لإيضاح قوة أداء النظم المصممة.

English Abstract

This dissertation considers reset control theory for dynamical systems with and without delay. Reset mechanisms in controller design could affect the performance and stability of control systems. Stability of reset systems can be investigated based on a similar theorem of Lyapunov theory. In this thesis, novel analyses of reset systems scheme are proposed for certain and uncertain dynamical systems. Firstly, reduced order reset controllers with new reset mechanisms are estab lished to stabilize unstable plants. The developed reset mechanism assumes that the base dynamics might be unstable on the contrary of other proposed design methodologies that lack this property. The order of the reset controller is reduced to be less than or equal to the rank of the plant’s input matrix. Moreover, it has been shown that the controller forces a number of states to reach the origin in a finite time while the remaining states behavior depends on the state feedback which can be chosen by any appropriate classical method. A delay-dependent stability analysis of reset control systems is proposed for linear time invariant case. The conditions of stability are given in terms of linear matrix inequalities. In addition, extending results are given to investigate stability of reset systems with uncertainty. The stability conditions of the time delay reset systems are less conservative than those presented in the literature. By using the same LMI’s, extending the results to obtain controller gains can be easily obtained using some modifications. Finally, sufficient stability conditions are derived in terms of multiple Lyapunov functions in order to study reset systems in general. Consequently, this increases the flexibility of LMI’s and decreases their conservativeness. Simulation results using numerical examples demonstrate the ability of the proposed methods to investigate good performance thereof.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Subjects: Systems
Department: College of Computing and Mathematics > lndustrial and Systems Engineering
Committee Advisor: Mahmoud, Magdi
Committee Members: Samir, Al amer and MUhammad, Mysorewala
Depositing User: BILAL KARAKI (g201408580)
Date Deposited: 08 Jan 2018 05:21
Last Modified: 30 Dec 2020 12:40