Stabilization of Linear Systems Over Markov communication channels

Stabilization of Linear Systems Over Markov communication channels. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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Arabic Abstract

تتصدى هذه الرساله لتحليل و تصميم نظم تحكم الشبكات فى ضوء حدوث تاخير و تساقط حزم بيانات فى قنوات اتصال بصورة عشوائيه. وتتوافرعدة طرائق فى المقالات العلميه المنشورة لنمذجه التأخير فى شبكات التحكم. وعليه فتتناول هذه الرساله تحليل و تصميم نظم تحكم الشبكات مع نمذجه التأخير بطريقه سلاسل ماركوف بهدف اضفاء الشمولية والمرونه على الاداء . و يعتبر هذا الاسلوب حديثا و مثمرا ويعالج مشاكل عديده مثل محدودية نطاق الشبكات و فقد البيانات فى قنوات الاتصال مما يؤثر على اتزان نظم تحكم الشبكات أو تدهور الاداء بصوره كبيرة. وفى هذا الصدد تطور الرساله اسلوبا جديدا لتحليل نظم تحكم الشبكات عبر قنوات اتصال ماركوف باستخدام الرياضيات المتقدمه و تستنبط شروط تصميم فعاله لضمان اتزانيه نظم العروة المغلقه. كما تدرس تحليل نظمتحكم الشبكات عبر قنوات اتصال ماركوف فى ضوء تغير المعاملات بصوره عشوائيه جزئيه أو كليه. وقد تم تطبيق الاساليب المستنبطه على نظم عمليه و اثبتت النتائج دقه الاساليب و تفوقها على مثيلاتها.

English Abstract

This thesis is mainly concerned with the analysis and design of networked control systems (NCSs) with packet dropouts and delays in communication channels which vary in a random fashion. In the past, several approaches have been used to model network delays. In this thesis, networks control systems have been analysed by modeling the delay using Markovian chains, which is a relatively fresh and complicated approach to this problem. A wide range of recent research activities related to the problem of distributed control systems have been reported in this thesis. The introduction of delays and dropouts in the communication channels is inevitable. Various reasons for these dropouts and delays are limited bandwidth, losses and also due to overhead in communication nodes and in the network. These network anomalies threaten the stability and over all performance of a physical system. This research mainly deals with the investigation of system stability, controller synthesis and derivation for the sufficient condition for which the closed loop NCS is stable. Markov jump linear systems with packets dropouts have been studied in detail for both completely known and partially known transition probability matrices, following which, some typical examples have been provided to show the effectiveness of developed methodologies.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Subjects: Computer
Department: College of Computing and Mathematics > lndustrial and Systems Engineering
Committee Advisor: Magdi Sadiq, Mahmoud
Committee Members: Moustafa Elshafei, Ahmed Elshafei and Abdul wahid, Abdul Aziz Saif
Depositing User: KHAN GULAM DASTAGIR (g201102970)
Date Deposited: 03 Jun 2013 04:51
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