Stabilization of Networked Control Systems with Random Delays

Stabilization of Networked Control Systems with Random Delays. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.

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Arabic Abstract

تقدم هذه الاطروحه دراسه بحثيه مستفيضه و متعمقه للنظم المستخدمه لشبكات الاتصالات فى عروه التغذيه العكسيه. وتركز الاطروحه أراء فنيه متنوعه لتحليل الاداء و تصميم المحاكمات مع ضمان الاتزان ومراعاه الفرضيات الاساسية. وحيث أن النظم المستخدمه لشبكات الاتصالات فى عروه التغذيه العكسيه تعانى بصفه رئيسيه من المشاكل المتعدده التى تعوق الاداء مثل التاخرالغير محدد للاشارات والتساقط العشوائى للرسائل والتقطيع الغير متزامن و التحديد الكمى لمتغيرات الحاله مما قد يؤدى الى عدم اتزانيه النظم . وتهدف هذه الاطروحه الى استنباط و تطوير اساليب لتصميم المحاكمات لمجابهة التأخر العشوائى للاشارات ثم تفرد لمحاكاه نظم عمليه و صناعية

English Abstract

In this thesis, a survey of the extensive research investigations performed on Networked systems subject to random delays is presented. The survey takes into consideration several technical views on the analysis and design procedures leading to stability results and outlines basic assumptions. In an NCS, the network can introduce unreliable and time-dependent levels of service because of delays, jitter, or losses. In turn, these network vagaries can jeopardize the stability, safety, and performance of the physical system. The primary objective of our research is to devise control algorithms to compensate for the vagaries of network service. Our strategies are targeted mainly at dealing with random networked delays. Results related to stability along with controller synthesis for networked systems will be provided. Some typical examples will also be provided to illustrate relevant issues.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Subjects: Systems
Department: College of Computing and Mathematics > lndustrial and Systems Engineering
Committee Advisor: Mahmoud, Magdi S
Committee Members: AlSunni, Fouad M and ElShafei, Moustafa
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