Quantitative Assessments of Land Reclamation along the East Coast of Saudi Arabia

Quantitative Assessments of Land Reclamation along the East Coast of Saudi Arabia. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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Arabic Abstract

هذه الدراسة توصلت الى تعريف وحساب كميات الأراضي المستصلحه من أراضي الشواطئ ، من خلال – .7119 عمليات دفن الشواطئ وضم أراضيها الى اليابسة و خاصة في خليج تاروت من 0791 توصلت الدراسة ان مجموع الأراضي المستصلحه من خليج تاروت من الفترة 0791 إلى 7119 بلغت ما مجموعه 24.47 كيلومترمربع والتي استخدمت لغرض الاسكان. كما توصلت هذه الدراسة بأن أغلب عمليات الدفن و الإستصلاح حدثت قبل نوفمبر 0771 . كذلك أوضحت الدراسة أن مجموع الأراضي الأكبر أستصلحت من تاريخ 0791 إلى 0771 قد بلغت 21.32 كيلومترمربع. أما مساحات الأراضي التي استصلحت ما بعد 0771 إلى 7119 بلغت ما مجموعة 1.94 كيلومترمربع وهذا في خليج تاروت وحده . كما أن الرسالة توصلت الى أن عمليات الدفن ساهمت في تلاشي اشجار المانجروف وذلك بعد مطابقتها مع خريطة الأحياء البحرية في خليج تاروت

English Abstract

This study identifies the land reclamation activities in eastern cost of Saudi Arabia and quantifies the reclaimed lands within Tarut Bay from 1970 until 2007. The total land that has been reclaimed within Tarut Bay area since 1973 up to November 2007 were found to be 84.42 square kilometers (Km²) most of which were utilized for residential purposes. The research study found out that most of land reclamation activities were carried before November, 1995. The amount of reclaimed land due to reclamation activities since 1973 until 1995 was found to be around 83.68 square kilometers (Km²) whereas the reclamation activities after November 1995 were found very little and the total reclaimed area up to 2007 were only 0.74 square kilometers (Km²). The study also show some environmental consequences due to reclamation activities within Tarut bay area. The superimpose of environmental biotype map of Tarut Bay marine life with 1995 and 2007 reclaimed area within that bay, show a clear and destructive impact on mangrove habitats which Tarut Bay were very rich and famous on it.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Subjects: Earth Sciences
Divisions: College Of Sciences > Earth Sciences Dept
Committee Advisor: Al-Thukair, Assad
Committee Members: Al-Ramadan, Baqer and Al-Homaid, Nasser
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Date Deposited: 05 Feb 2012 14:30
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