The 9th Annual Gulf Internet Symposium, Khobar, Saudi Arabia, October 13-15, 2003


Improving Cryptographic Architectures by Adopting Efficient Adders in their Modular Multiplication Hardware VLSI


Adnan Gutub and Hassan Tahhan



This work studies and compares different modular multiplication algorithms with emphases on the underlying binary adders. The method of interleaving multiplication and reduction, Montgomeryís method, and high-radix method were studied using the carry-save adder, carry-lookahead adder and carry-skip adder. Two recent implementations of the first two methods were modeled and synthesized for practical analysis. A modular multiplier following Kocís implementation [6] based on carry-save adders and the use of carry-skip adders in the final addition step is expected to be of a fast speed with fair area requirement and reduced power consumption.