Performance analysis of buffered R-ALOHA systems using tagged user approach

(2004) Performance analysis of buffered R-ALOHA systems using tagged user approach. Journal of Network and Computer Applications, 27 (3). pp. 131-150. ISSN 1084-8045

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In this paper, R-ALOHA systems with propagation delay, finite buffer capacity and finite user population are analyzed using Tagged User Approach. The system throughput, message response time, message delay-time distribution and message blocking probability are obtained. It is assumed that each message consists of a random number of packets with a general distribution, and each user have a finite buffer capacity. To maintain the fairness to all users, it is assumed that each message in the buffer is transmitted independently that is, a user has to release the reserved slot after finishing the transmission of a message even if it has more messages waiting in the buffer. The analysis can be extended to R-ALOHA systems with infinite buffer capacity straightforwardly. The accuracy of the analysis is verified by simulations.

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