Efficient Wideband Channelizer for Software Radio Systems Using Modulated PR Filterbanks

(2004) Efficient Wideband Channelizer for Software Radio Systems Using Modulated PR Filterbanks. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SIGNAL PROCESSING,, 52 (10). pp. 2807-2820.

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An efficient method is proposed for channelizing frequency division multiplexed (FDM) channels in wideband software radio (SWR) received signals that do not satisfy the conditions required for polyphase decomposition of the discrete filterbank (DFB) channelizer. The proposed method, which uses modulated perfect reconstruction (PR) filterbanks, requires fewer computations than DFBs for channelizing wideband signals that are composed of FDM channels of nonequal bandwidths, especially when a large number of channels are extracted. The proposed channelizer, if applied in the reverse direction, can be used to synthesize a set of channels with nonequal bandwidths into a single wideband signal in SWR transmitters. A method is also proposed for efficiently designing the modulated PR filterbanks, which have a large number of subchannels and prototype filters with high stopband attenuations that are used in the proposed channelizer. The computational complexity of the proposed channelizer is compared with the complexity of the DFB channelizer for channelizing the wideband and high-dynamic-range signals that are typical of SWR systems, and simulation results of the proposed channelization method are discussed.

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