“Iterative Spatial Sequence Estimator for Multi-Group Space Time Trellis Coded Systems”

(2004) “Iterative Spatial Sequence Estimator for Multi-Group Space Time Trellis Coded Systems”. VTC2004-Fall. 2004 IEEE 60th, 2. pp. 1353-1357.

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In this paper, we will present and evaluate a new detection algorithm for decoding multi-group space time trellis coded systems. These systems consider a single user who transmits simultaneously through K parallel space time trellis encoders. Therefore, they can provide high spectral efficiencies similar to the BLAST architecture plus transmit diversity advantages and coding gains. The developed detector is called maximum a posteriori spatial sequence estimator and it has the flexibility of trading complexity with diversity advantage. The algorithm could provide higher receive diversity with higher complexity. The simulation result shows a performance improvement of this new algorithm over interference nulling and cancellation techniques.

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