Continuous proximate time-optimal control for a third order servomechanism having a plant with three real roots

(2005) Continuous proximate time-optimal control for a third order servomechanism having a plant with three real roots. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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A servomechanism is a system that controls the position or velocity of a mechanical devise. In many applications, such as disk-drive head positioning and pick-and-place robots, it is desirable to have servomechanisms effect a minimum time response. Since there is a limit on the magnitude of the control signal in every control system, this leads to time-optimal controllers that are bang-bang. Truly bang-bang time-optimal control systems are not practical, due to the poor overall behavior such as the instantaneous switching and the limit cycles about the target state. In order to eliminate such undesirable behavior, we apply Continuous Proximate Time-Optimal (CPTO) controller to a third order servomechanism. We have shown that the CPTO controller gives near time-optimal response for large states, and provides smooth and stable response with near linear control for small states. To overcome the mathematical difficulties of solving the time-optimal control problem of the model of the plant, new approach based on similarity transformation has been used. A saturated linear state-feedback controller has been designed for comparison and assessment. It has been shown through the simulation results that response times are indeed near time-optimal. Moreover, it has been shown though specific examples that the CPTO behaves well in the presence of certain unmodeled dynamics, also it behaves well in the presence of a plant parameter variation providing that the control law is based on the worst-case consideration. A comparison of the performance of the CPTO controller when changing the design criterion of the linear gain constants has been made.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Subjects: Mechanical
Department: College of Engineering and Physics > Mechanical Engineering
Committee Advisor: Kalyon, Muammer
Committee Members: Al-Sulaiman, Faleh A. and El-Sinawi, Amin
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