Collaborative autonomous interface agent for personalized web search

(2006) Collaborative autonomous interface agent for personalized web search. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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As the Internet continues its explosive growth, the need for personalized searching tools to access the Internet is increasing since famous search engines are built to serve all users, independent of the needs of any individual user. In this thesis, we address the issue of personalization of Internet search. A system has been designed, fully implemented and named CAIA (Collaborative Autonomous Interface Agent). CAIA is developed to reside in the user's machine not in the Internet to make all private information on his/her machine. CAIA supports communities of people in searching the Internet collaboratively by means of popular search engines. CAIA learns the user's preferences either explicitly or implicitly from his/her browsing behavior. Those behaviors are based on a survey conducted earlier in this survey. It then stores them along with the Websites' information in a User Profile (UP). UP is containing all visited Websites' information and their relevant keywords. We mean by "relevant keywords" the keywords the user entered when s/he searches and the Websites' keywords gathered from their titles and summary. When the user enters new keywords to search for, CAIA will refine the user's query then it will start the search process. After that, it will display the search results and it will issue a process to monitor the user's behaviors on the search results. CAIA has been tested and the testing results shows a big improvement in the Internet Searching using CAIA compared to famous search engines such as Google.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Subjects: Computer
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Committee Members: Faisal, Kanaan Abed and Najjar, Mamdouh M.
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